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"Lost Wawel" exhibition

Local name: Wystawa "Wawel Zaginiony"

Located inside: Wawel

Lost Wawel is a unique exhibition which presents the history and state of the Wawel Castle before reconstructions. It is located near the relics of the Romanesque rotunda of Saints Felix and Adauctus. It includes the archeological reserve, exhibition of tiles, models of former buildings located on Wawel, and the lapidarium with part of stonework discovered in the area of the castle.

The exhibition is opened since 1975. Its most important aim is to point out that the history of Wawel dates back to the early Middle Ages and the buildings on the hill had predecessors. A central part of the exposition is the archaeological reserve of the rotunda of Saints Felix and Adauctus. The walls with pre-Romanesque tomb annex, reconstructed at the beginning of the 20th century, are the oldest stone buildings in the area of Wawel.

The rooms of royal carriage house and kitchen preserved medieval architectonic parts. The exhibitions of tiles discovered on Wawel, and models of buildings which, in the past, stood on the hill are situated here. The lapidarium, last part of the exposition, consists of parts of stone architectural details, columns, friezes, portals, and also gypsum casts from the Vasa Chapel.


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