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Wawel Cathedral

Local name: Katedra Wawelska

Located inside: Wawel

The Wawel Cathedral is one of the most important churches in Poland. Coronations took place there, while graves of the Polish monarchs and important figures are located in the church and its crypts. The cathedral is a real treasury of history, art and culture.


The cathedral was built gradually since the 11th century. It's a three-nave basilica with transept and ambulatory - a passage around the presbytery. The numerous chapels from different ages are located on the sides of the naves. Its undergrounds consist of the Romanesque relics of the rotunda. The upper parts are mainly gothic. The parts that are worthy of attention in the facade are two towers and triangular top with the rose window.



The central part of the Royal Archcathedral Basilica of Saints Stanislaus and Wenceslaus is the Saint Stanislaus's confession. The relics of Saint Stanislaus from Szczepanów rest under the baroque baldachin inside the silver, carved coffin. The main baroque altar is placed behind in the presbytery.



The graves of Polish kings lay in the naves, ambulatory and cathedral crypts. The ambulatory also consists of numerous sculptures and queen Jadwiga's cross. The whole cathedral is a real treasury of historical souvenirs and masterpieces from different ages.


Wawel Cathedral map
Wawel 331-001 Krakow , Poland