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Royal Tombs

Local name: Groby Królewskie

Located inside: Wawel Cathedral

The Wawel Cathedral is the main necropolis of Polish rulers. It is a place of rest of kings of the Piast Dynasty and the Jagiellon Dynasty, and elective monarchs. Part of them is buried in beautiful, sculpted gravestones in the main nave, other rest in sarcophagi in Wawel's crypts.

The oldest gravestone, located in the main nave, belongs to Władysław I the Elbow-high. It was founded by his son Casimir the Great who is buried nearby. There are Gothic gravestones with sculpted depictions of rulers. The sandstone baldachin, one of the few such monuments in Europe, is situated above the grave of Casimir the Great. Apart from that, the Gothic and Renaissance gravestone of Casimir IV Jagiellon and Neo-Gothic gravestones of Władysław III of Poland and Jadwiga of Poland can be seen in the presbytery.

Kings of the Jagiellon Dynasty and elective monarchs are buried in the crypts under the cathedral. All monarchs from Sigismund I the Old to Augustus II the Strong rest here. Their sarcophagi are placed in seven crypts. Graves of distinguished military commanders are also situated here.


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    Wawel 331-001 Krakow , Poland