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Wawel Royal Castle

Local name: Zamek Królewski na Wawelu

Located inside: Wawel

The Wawel Castle is counted as a symbol of Cracow and one of the most recognizable Polish monuments. It was entered in UNESCO World Heritage List in 1978. Standing on the hill next to the Vistula, the caste' beginnings date back to the 11th century. Since that time, it was rebuilt several times. Nowadays, the big part of the castle is available for sightseeing.

The first buildings of residential and defensive character were built on Wawel in the times of first Polish people. Traces of palas and Romanesque tower were discovered there. Sacral buildings also existed there during that time.

The big changes in the castle's shape occurred in the 14th century during Władysław I the Elbow-high and Casimir the Great reign. It was then, when the gothic framework of the entire construction, which is visible to this day, and defensive walls were built. Another important change took place during Sigismund I the Old reign when Renaissance made its debut in the castle. Fruits of this modifications were known to every visitor cloisters, which were then used as a reference by architects of baronial and noble houses in the entire country.

The interiors of the castle still have the majority of the original equipment such as coffer ceilings, painting decorations on the walls and famous Jagiellonian tapestries.

Wawel Royal Castle map
Wawel 531-001 Krakow , Poland