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Royal Private Apartments

Local name: Prywatne Apartamenty Królewskie

Located inside: Wawel Royal Castle

The Private Royal Apartments occupy the hall on the first floor in the Wawel Castle. They are divided into the part for royal guests and the king's space. Apart from the Renaissance-style halls in the main wing, the apartments also consist of Hen's Foot Tower where the apartment of Polish president Ignacy Mościcki is located.


The Private Royal Apartments were used since the Middle Ages. In the 16th century, they were rebuilt into Renaissance style. What preserved to this day are the original larch ceilings, painting wall decorations, the Gothic-Renaissance portals and the Jagiellonian tapestries mainly depicting landscapes. The whole is complemented with an Italian and Dutch equipment from the 16th and the beginning of the 17th century.



Since the Middle Ages Hen's Foot Tower was of great importance in the Royal Apartments. Built in the times of Władysław Łokietek, the tower was a place where kings met and decided about the most important affairs. The Gothic ceilings and portals survived to this day. During the interwar period, the office of president Ignacy Mościcki was located in the Dutch Tower situated nearby. Its reconstruction can be viewed till today.



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