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Monument of the Wawel Dragon

Local name: Pomnik Smoka Wawelskiego

Located inside: Dragon's Den

Wawel Dragon Statue in Cracow is a bronze statue made by Polish artist Bronisław Chromy. It was unveiled in 1972. The fire breaths occur at few-minute intervals - the metal construction has a gas installation inside. The Dragon's Den karst cave is located behind the statue.

The dragon breathing fire is placed on the rock by the shore of the Vistula, however, in the beginning it was planned to partially dip it in the river. This idea was rejected due to the pollutions which may travel along with the current.

Wawel Dragon is a monster known from the legend. According to it, the monster lived in the cave at the foot of the castle and demanded cattle from the king's subjects. The beast was unparalleled in battle. It was defeated by deceit - cobbler Skuba offered it skin filled with sulfur. After eating it, the dragon drank water from the Vistula until it burst.


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