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John Paul II Cathedral Museum

Local name: Muzeum Katedralne im. Jana Pawła II

Located inside: Wawel

The collections exhibited on two floors are one of the most valuable in Poland. They consist of the spear of Saint Maurice, the 12th-century goblet of Bishop Maur, the reliquary with the skull of Saint Stanislaus, the tomb sword of Sigismund August, and also the coronation coat of the last Polish king, Stanislaus August Poniatowski.

During the opening of John Paul II Cathedral Museum, Karol Wojtyła donated the goblet made of silver and coconut shell which, according to the legend, belonged to Queen Jadwiga of Poland. What is more, the papal hall contains numerous souvenirs including many personal belongings which belonged to John Paul II. The museum also bears his name.

John Paul II Cathedral Museum was opened on 28th September 1978 on the initiative of Karol Wojtyła who wasn't a cardinal yet. It is located in the former headquarters of the Archdiocese Museum - Cathedral House on Wawel in Kraków.


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    Zamek Wawel 2 Krakow , Poland