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Church of St. Bernardin of Siena

Local name: Kościół św. Bernardyna ze Sieny

The Church of St. Bernardin of Siena is located at the foot of Wawel, in Stradom. It is characterized by the monumental facade with two towers. The Baroque building has a transept and, above an intersection of naves, is topped by the lowered dome. The 18th-century glided altars, and sarcophagus-reliquary of Saint Szymon of Lipnica can be seen inside.

Franciscan-Bernardines arrived in Kraków in the first half of the 15th century. Their monastery and church were founded by Zbigniew Oleśnicki. The constructions were led by Jan Długosz. Nothing remained of that church. It was destroyed during the Swedish Deluge. The new, early-Baroque basilica with transept and the lowered dome was built in the second half of the 17th century. A lowering of the dome was related to the location in the line of fire of Wawel's cannons.

The facade with two towers is topped by a tympanum and divided by cornices and pilasters. The presbytery consists of two chapels. The Gothic sculpture of Virgin and Child with Saint Anne by Veit Stoss can be viewed in the first one. The second chapel is dedicated to Saint Szymon of Lipnica. His reliquary is placed in the altar. Stained glasses depicting scenes from his life were designed by Józef Mehoffer.


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