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Saxony-Anhalt is located in the central part of Germany and is a region strongly associated with Germany's cultural heritage. There is the Romanesque Route, which connects over 80 churches from this period, as well as places visited by thousands of tourists related to the life and activity of Martin Luther.

The capital of the federal state is Merseburg, an industrial city in which an interesting old town and a Romanesque cathedral have survived. Wonderful monuments of Romanesque and Baroque architecture can be seen in Naumburg, Halberstadt and Quedlinburg. The half-timbered buildings of the latter city are inscribed on the UNESCO list.

The heritage list also includes objects related to the life and activities of the reformer precursor, Martin Luther in Eisleben and Wittenberg. Among them are his house and the churches in which he operated.

The next object from the UNESCO list in the region, the palace and park complex in Dessau-Wörlitz makes an extraordinary impression. This is the first English garden on the continent, created in the 18th century. There are many walking paths around the palace in the extensive park.

Saxony-Anhalt also attracts admirers of contemporary architecture. In Dessau, you can see UNESCO-listed Bauhaus-style buildings built during the interwar period.

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  • Wörlitzer Park
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    Wörlitzer Park

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    Spa Park

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    Brine Park