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Hauts-de-France is the northernmost region of France. It is located on the shores of the English Channel, above which there are popular beaches. An attraction of the region is the UNESCO-listed cathedral in Amiens.

The region was created from the merger of Picardy and Nord-Pas de Calais. Its capital is the university city of Lille, which houses the largest art museum in France outside Paris, the Museum of Fine Arts.

Along the coast of the English Channel, called Opal, there are sandy beaches and small towns with a good holiday vacation offer. There are also wonderful cliffs that can be admired on Cap Blanc Nez and Cap Gris Nez. The most important coastal city is Calais with the ruins of the fortress, which is also a lace-making center known throughout Europe.

The region has also been heavily experienced by history. There are battlefields and cemeteries from World War I, while the area around Dunkirk is associated with World War II fights and the infamous evacuation of the British corps.

Hauts-de-France can also boast of many valuable monuments. In addition to the cathedral in Amiens, they are also the Chantillu castle with huge stables, the Compiegne palace and churches in Senlis, Beauvais, Soissons, and Nayon.

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