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Palace of Compiegne

Local name: Palais de Compiègne

The palace in Compiegne is one of the Parisian residences of the kings of France. It is a classicist building that currently houses the National Museum. Interiors from the Second Empire period and a collection of old vehicles are presented here.

From the 15th century, the forests around Compiegne were the hunting grounds of the kings of France. The palace that we can admire today was erected on the order of King Louis XV. It represents the style characteristic of France at that time, referring to ancient buildings. Although the body of the building was already classical, its interiors were decorated with Baroque splendor.

During the reign of Napoleon Compiegne belonged to his favorite residences. Napoleon III also made him his autumn residence. For this reason, the main exhibition presented in the palace interiors concerns the period of the Second Empire. You can see furniture, weapons as well as a collection of paintings and handicrafts.


Attractions inside

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    Place du Général de Gaulle 60200 Compiègne , France