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Atlantic Wall Museum - Todt Battery

Local name: Musée du Mur de l'Atlantique - Batterie Todt

The Atlantic Wall Museum is housed in the German coastal artillery battery from the Second World War. The building is 26 m long and 20 m high, of which 9 m is an underground bunker. It is equipped with 4 naval guns with a maximum range of 55.7 km that were able to reach the coast of England. Each of them was installed in reinforced concrete casemates.

The battery was built in 1940-1941. It was named after the Nazi engineer Fritz Todt, founder of the Todt Organization, whose goal was to build military facilities. The full crew consisted of 390 soldiers.

In the square surrounding the museum, numerous objects from the Second World War were placed. Here you can see, among others anti-aircraft and anti-tank guns, the OT-810 transporter, and several examples of Czech hedgehogs, i.e. portable anti-personnel barriers.


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