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Český Šternberk is a small town with a monumental silhouette of the castle of the same name. It stands on a slope on the bank of the Sazava River and impresses with its magnificent Baroque and Rococo interiors.

The city is beautifully situated among forests on the bank of the Sazava. It has high, steep and steep banks here, which make the area more picturesque.

The Český Šternberk Castle, the greatest attraction in the area, rises on the slope above the Sazava River. It has a late gothic external appearance, but the interiors are later, in the 17th and 18th centuries. They were built after the fortress was rebuilt after the destruction of the Thirty Years' War. The rooms are decorated with splendor, and tourists have access to several rooms and halls, as well as the magnificent Rococo chapel of St. Sebastian.

In addition to interior design, the castle also houses an exhibition of military items from the Thirty Years War. The castle is also a place of numerous historical and outdoor events.

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