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Hvar is the capital and largest island center of the same name. It is a popular holiday resort with a preserved Old Town, port and intimate beaches located mostly in small bays.

The small Hvar has the reputation of an elegant resort that has not yet been appropriated by chain hotels, fast food bars and hundreds of souvenir stalls made in Asia. The prices here are slightly higher than on land, but in return you get an intimate atmosphere and the charm of a historic town.

Hvar is divided into two parts connected by a port. The first of them is the Old Town with a baroque cathedral, next to which stands the high belfry, narrow streets and the Spanjola Fortress standing on the hill. It offers a beautiful view of the city and the coast. Within the old district there is also a theater built in 1612, which has been operating continuously to this day and is the pride of the inhabitants. The main street of Hvar passes by the port into an elegant, palm-lined promenade. There are plenty of restaurants, cafes and bars where life goes on until late at night.

The beaches in Hvar and its immediate surroundings are rocky and rocky. Many of them are in sheltered coves where secluded places can be found. There is also a beach and naturist campsite in the area.

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