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The largest city and at the same time the capital of Andalusia is a mixture of the most beautiful in Spain, interesting monuments, excellent food and a constant fiesta. Built in the early Middle Ages, the city boasts the oldest, permanently used royal palace, the Alcazar, a monumental cathedral with a minaret standing nearby, and unconventional contemporary architecture, symbolized by the famous "Umbrellas".

Seville is a city that is great to see without a plan imposed in advance. Some neighborhoods, such as the Barrio de Santa Cruz, where the famous Don Juan was born, or Triana, where supposedly the beginning of flamenco encourage to get lost in the narrow winding streets full of wineries, restaurants and cafes. However, it is impossible to bypass the most important monuments, including the Royal Palace of the Alcazar. It was built in the 9th century by the Caliphs of Seville, and rebuilt in the mudejar style by Spanish rulers after the reconquest. In addition to wonderful architecture, the gardens are full of ponds and fountains.

The Giralda, a former minaret, and today the cathedral belfry tower above the buildings of Seville. Right next to it, in the place of the former mosque stands the cathedral built for 200 years. The long construction was reflected in its appearance, which shows the influence of both Gothic and Baroque. Other well-known landmarks are the East Indian Archives and the Renaissance Stock Exchange building.

In addition to the flamenco inextricably linked to Seville, the city is also known for the great fiestas and grand celebrations of Holy Week. Corrida, which is currently banned, was also a very popular pastime until 2012. Seville has one of the largest arenas in the world where the Corrida Museum operates.

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