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Local name: Giralda

Girlada is a bell tower belonging to the cathedral of Seville. The tower consists of four floors, which come from different eras, but blend in perfectly. It measures about 99 meters high. At its top there is a bronze sculpture 4 meters high, symbolizing faith. It depicts a female figure with a palm leaf and a banner in hand that stands on the globe. The figure rotates under the pressure of the wind, hence it is called Giraldillo.

The building was built in the 12th century as a minaret. For its construction, the building material was used, which came from the demolition of the remains of Roman buildings. The tower was 51 meters high. After the city was captured by Christian troops, the tower was transformed into a belfry. Girlada underwent reconstruction in the 16th century under the direction of Herman Ruiz, when subsequent levels were added.


Attractions inside

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