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Flamenco Museum

Local name: Flamenco Museum

The Flamenco Museum was opened in 2006. Interactive stands designed with fantasy and phenomenal exhibits such as castanets, fans or amazing costumes bring the fantastic history of flamenco closer. Amazing films showing the silhouettes of legendary dancers and their performances are astounding. It is the only museum in the world dedicated to this iconic Andalusian art. The showcase of the object are delightful evening shows combining dance, singing and playing the guitar.

This extraordinary object is the work of the most famous, contemporary bailaora, actress and choreographer - Cristina Hoyos. A dancer born in Seville, she founded a museum in the district where she grew up alone. For his headquarters she chose the beautiful, eighteenth-century 'Casa de Palacio'. By opening the museum, Cristina wanted to pay tribute to this wonderful art, which she owes a lot in her life.

The museum also organizes individual flamenco lessons and collective singing and dancing workshops.


Attractions inside

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    Calle Manuel Rojas Marcos 341004 Seville , Spain