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Plaza de España

Local name: Plaza de España

Spanish Square was built in the first half Of the 20th century and is part of the stunning Maria Luisa Park. The impressive area surrounded by galleries delights with architectural craftsmanship and careful decorations. The walls of the building are decorated with hand-painted azulejos, which have the emblems and achievements of 48 provinces. The heart of the square are the beautiful four bridges symbolizing the historic lands of Spain: Castile, Navarra, Aragon and Leon.

The author of the whole complex was the famous Seville architect Aníbal Gonzalez. The square was created in connection with the Ibero-American Exhibition, which presented the innovations of Spanish industry and crafts.

The square was used in many films. Star Wars fans will see the city of Theed on the planet Naboo, where some of the Dark Spectrum and Clone Attack took place. The building was also the seat of the famous dictator from the production of Sacha Baron Cohen of the same title.

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Av de Isabel la Católica 41004 Seville , Spain