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Basilica of the Macarena

Local name: Basílica de la Macarena

Basilica of la Macarena was built in the first half Of the 20th century according to the design of the local architect Aurelia Gómez Millán. It is the seat of the Brotherhood of La Esperanza Macarena. The ornate temple was the first church in Seville to receive the status of a basilica. The symbol of the object is the 17th-century sculpture of Our Lady of Hope, known throughout Andalusia.

Our Lady of Hope is commonly known as la Macarena. She is the patron of bullfighters and a favorite of Spanish Gypsies. The phenomenal sculpture came from the chisel of the outstanding Spanish artist Pedro Roldan. The amazing image of the Mother of God was to depict joy and suffering at the same time. This is one of the most famous figures participating in the Way of the Cross procession.

Next to the basilica there is an excellent museum. His unique collection consists of intricately embroidered robes of the Mother of God as well as liturgical vessels and clothing used during Holy Week.


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