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Ronda is a unique, historic city divided in half by a 150-meter-deep ravine. This is where the most famous view of the city comes from, with the stone Puente Nuevo bridge stretched over the abyss.

The city was founded in ancient times and its architecture shows both Roman and Arabic elements, as well as later, from the Reconquista and annexation to Spain. The Arabic district of La Ciudad and the Christian El Mercadillo are distinguished in the city. An interesting monument from the period of the reign of the Moors is the Water Mine leading to the very bottom of the gorge. To get there, you have to overcome narrow corridors and over 300 stairs.

The historic part of Ronda is full of interesting buildings. Built by Arabs, Mondragón Palace houses the Archaeological Museum. Not far away is the Mudejar-style Marqués de Salvatierra Palace, but the city's most spectacular building is the 18th-century bullfighting arena, one of the largest in Andalusia. The historic churches in Rondo, built mainly from the 14th to the 16th century and richly decorated with Mudejar decorations, and the Hermitage Ermita Rupestre de la Virgen de la Cabeza from the 9th century, should not be missed.

The monument most associated with Rondo is the 18th century Puente Nuevo bridge. It connects the banks of the El Tajo de Ronda gorge and is almost 100 m high. Inside there is a former prison with a small window. To best capture this amazing structure, it's best to go to the viewpoint.

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