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Gibralfaro Castle

Local name: Castillo de Gibralfaro

Castle Castillo Gibralfaro is located on the top of a hill thanks to which it offers an excellent panoramic view of the surrounding area. Visitors can see the remains of the castle and walk through the well-preserved extensive defensive walls. At their top in the central point there is a viewing platform from which, in good weather, you can see the outline of the Atlas and Gibraltar mountains. In addition, you can see the powder building, wells and cisterns on the premises.

The castle was built in the fourteenth century on the order of the Muslim caliph of Grenada - Yusuf I. Originally buildings of Phoenician origin were located here. After the city was captured by the Christian army, the castle became a stronghold of the rulers of Spain. He played a special role during the reign of Isabella and Ferdinand II. Due to its strategic combination, the building played a military role until 1925.


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