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Local name: Alcazaba

The mighty Moorish palatial fortress was built on Roman foundations on the slopes of Gibralfaro hill. It is the best preserved Arab citadel of its type in Spain. Currently, it houses a museum, where you can see, among others Phoenician and Roman exhibits and Arabic ceramics.

The fortress was protected by two defensive walls. It was also connected with the no longer existing city walls, which formed the third defensive wall. The citadel can be reached through the "Puerta de la Bóveda" gate or by a modern elevator.

The path leads through historic, picturesque gardens with fountains and sculptures. At the entrance, you can also see the remains of the Roman theater from the 1st century BC. The central part of the fortress is the Palace and several smaller residential buildings from the 11th, 13th and 14th centuries.


Attractions inside

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    Calle Alcazabilla 229012 Málaga , Spain