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Picasso Museum Malaga

Local name: Museo Picasso Málaga

The Picasso Museum offers a rich collection of Pablo Picasso's works, which has 285 paintings. Most of the collections were donated to the facility by the painter's heirs. Paintings, sculptures, collages, lithographs, ceramics, sketches and drawings come to them. The facility tries to show the artist's relationship with the city of birth. There is also a library and archive with materials related to Picasso and his work. On-site coffee shop services are available. Various types of cultural events, conferences and shows are organized there.

The museum was founded in 2003. It is located in the Buenavista Palace, which was specially adapted for this purpose by a team of architects under the direction of Richard Gluckaman. The palace was built in the first half of the 16th century and is considered a National Monument. Previously, the building housed the Museum of Fine Arts.


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    Calle San Agustín 829015 Málaga , Spain