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Automobile and Fashion Museum

Local name: Museo Automovilístico y de la Moda

The Automotive and Fashion Museum was opened in 2010 at the initiative of the Portuguese collector João Magalhães. The unique collection presents changes over the years in the design of cars and clothes at the turn of the century. The unconventional design of the exhibition allows you to imagine how you traveled several decades ago. The museum's icon is the amazing black Rolls Royce decorated with Swarovski crystals.

The museum is located in the old tobacco factory Fabrica de Tabacos. The building from 1923 has been carefully transformed and expanded to accommodate nearly 80 historic and modern cars. In addition to traditional cars, there are also hydrogen and electric vehicles, or powered by renewable energy sources.

The museum also rents its exhibits for special occasions. Some cars can be made available to film productions or rented to newlyweds.


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    Avenida de Sor Teresa Prat 1529003 Málaga , Spain