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The Košice region is a border region with Hungary and Ukraine, rich in interesting monuments, as well as unusual landscape attractions. The most important of them is the Gemer region, rich in karst phenomena and caves.

The capital of the region is Košice, one of the largest cities in Slovakia and a thriving commercial center since the Middle Ages. St. Basil's Basilica Elżbieta is one of the most important gothic churches in the country, and tourists are attracted each year by the Christmas market taking place in December in the market and its surroundings.

On the Slovak-Hungarian border lies the karst region Gemer, called on the southern side of the border Aggtelek. In the protected area of the Slovak Karst National Park you can see interesting rock formations, as well as magnificent caves, including Domica, on the inside of which you can navigate by boats, Gombasecka and Jasowska.

The Slovak Karst is not the only area where caves can be visited in the Košice region. The Dobszyńska Ice Cave is located on the southern slopes of the Slovak Paradise, and near Rożnawa you can admire the amazing Aragonite Cave, the only one in Europe.

The region is also known for its castles, the most valuable of which is Krásna Hôrka and palaces, headed by the romantic Betliar hunting castle.

The border with Hungary is also a Tokay wine production area, and the local cellars and vineyards are no worse than their counterparts on the southern side of the border.

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