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Zwolle is a historic city that experienced a period of its greatest splendor during the late Middle Ages. It is from this time that most of its monuments originate, including Gothic churches and the remains of city fortifications.

In the Middle Ages, Zwolle was one of the most important trade centers of the Netherlands. It belonged to the Hanza, and was fortified in the 15th century. For this reason, the very center is surrounded by canals and starry fortifications. The most visible remnant of the former fortifications is the mighty Sassen Gate.

The Old City, closed in the walls, centers around two squares, Grote Markt and Grote Kerkplein. They are surrounded by houses from the late Middle Ages and Renaissance. There are also the most important churches of the city, the Church of St. Michael (Big Church) and the Basilica of Our Lady of the Assumption, whose tower is named because of the shape of Peperbus or Pepper.

In the Old Town you can visit the Interior Museum in Zwolle, which shows how the life of a wealthy bourgeois life looked like during the greatest heyday of the city and the Museum of a Care Home for Women. In turn, the Museum de Fundatie with interesting art collections operates in the neoclassical palace.

In addition to the oldest part of Zwolle, there are also several attractions to visit. There is the largest neo-Gothic building complex in the city centered around the Dominican Church. The small amusement park Dinoland Zwolle is an attraction for children.

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