#1  Zwolle

Museum de Fundatie

Local name: Museum de Fundatie

Museum de Fundatie Zwolle is the second, next to Kasteel Het Nijenhuis near Heino, place for the presentation of the huge Museum de Fundatie. In his impressive collection, estimated at over 11 thousand. works of visual art, there are works of such outstanding artists as Van Gogh, Mondriaan, Turner, Jacob van Heemskerck, Charley Toorop, Jan Sluyters or Carel Willink, Cremer or Isaac Israëls.

Museum de Fundatie Zwolle is housed in a neoclassical building, erected in 1838-1841 according to the design of the architect Eduard Louis de Coninck. It served as the Palace of Justice, and then housed the offices of governmental organizations. In 2004/2005 the building was adapted for the needs of the art museum.

After renovation works in 2012, a surprising superstructure appeared on the roof in the shape of a huge, lying on the side of the egg - now the museum's hallmark. Thanks to the "egg", the museum increased the exhibition space by 1000 m2.



Museum de Fundatie map
Blijmarkt 208011 NE Zwolle, Netherlands