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Overijssel is a province in East Holland, which is known for its historic historical cities and two large amusement parks.

The capital of the region, Zwolle, was in the past one of the most important cities in the country, which was even wealthier than Amsterdam. A nice Old Town with over 500 historic houses has been preserved here.

The province is often visited by tourists due to the amusement parks operating here, Slagharen and Hellendoorn. The first of them is a combination of a water park and lunapark, with slides, swimming pools and carousels, while the second is an adventure amusement park with the possibility of active leisure time, as well as with water attractions and numerous roller coaster rides.

Other notable places in the region are the city of Kampen with medieval defensive walls and gates, as well as a museum of tobacco and cigars, as well as Almelo, where you can see a museum that has been collecting everyday objects brought by residents since 1800.

Outside of cities, the region is known for its many canals that you can swim on. Windmills stand above them, which are a characteristic element of the Dutch landscape. In Overijssel there is also one of the larger Dutch national parks, Weerribben, in which hiking, water and bicycle routes run through dense forests.

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