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Steenwijkerland is a perfect place for a rural break in the middle of nature. A large part of the commune is covered by backwaters and swamps, which can be explored through nature paths and from the decks of excursion boats. There is also a small zoo and some interesting museums.

The localities that make up the commune are not distinguished by magnificent monuments, but they are quiet, picturesque settlements scattered between the canals and backwaters. They create an idyllic rural landscape typical of the Netherlands. In the 19th-century Fisherman's House, there is now the Village Museum, presenting home furnishings and activities of local residents. The Precious Stones Museum is also nearby, with an exhibition of rocks and minerals from around the world.

The Weerribben-Wieden National Park is a large part of the commune. It consists of swamps, meadows and canals that separate them, as well as vast peat bogs that are home to numerous species of birds. You can explore them along designated nature paths, either on a Koppers boat trip or by using Brother Boat Rentals. Many of them depart from the Vos Harbor.

For those who like active holidays, Arendshorst buitenactiviteiten in Giethoorn has been prepared. You can rent floating equipment and use sports fields and recreational areas. There is also a bicycle rental. A big attraction in the area is also Dierenpark Taman Indonesia, where, in addition to animals from this country, you can also see the reconstructed traditional houses on stilts and taste the cuisine from Southeast Asia.

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