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International Fire Brigade Museum

Local name: Internationaal Brandweermuseum

International Fire Brigade Museum in the Dutch city of Rijssen. The headquarters are located on the estate in De Oosterhof, and the museum itself was founded in 1996. Inside, you'll find exhibitions dedicated to the history of firefighting and fire brigade - not just in the Netherlands.

The museum collection consists of approximately 15,000 objects - 20% of them come from the Netherlands, 50% from Europe in general, and 30% from other parts of the world. This huge collection was initiated by the actions of the former fireman Dirk Vlot, who for decades had been collecting items related to the fire brigade. Thanks to the efforts of the Rijssen commune and the local fire department, a museum was created in which we can admire fire-fighting equipment used by firefighters around the world. Among the objects it is worth paying attention to fire helmets from Japan, South Africa and China, but also to complete pre-war fire trucks.



International Fire Brigade Museum map
Kasteellaan 17461 PV Rijssen-Holten, Netherlands