#6  Zwolle

Dominican Church

Local name: Dominicanenkerk

The Dominican church and monastery form a neo-Gothic complex in the city of Zwolle. The Dominicans came here as early as the 16th century, but only years later they had their own temple. The church and monastery were designed by the architect Johannes Kayser, and their construction began on May 3, 1890. The inauguration of the temple took place on December 12, 1901. Initially, novices were trained here, but today only a few monks live here. However, actions are underway to "revive" the monastery again.

The architecture of the church and monastery fits perfectly in the style of Zwolle. This Hanseatic city boasts many magnificent temples - headed by the Gothic church of St. Michael. Worth seeing is also the powerful 15th-century city gate called Sassenport, the 15th-century town hall building and the palace of Charles V (Karel V Huis).



Dominican Church map
Luttenbergstraat 8102 PH Zwolle, Netherlands