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Dutch Open Air Museum

Local name: Nederlands Openluchtmuseum

The Netherlands Open Air Museum, or open-air museum of architecture, is an open-air museum collecting historic houses, windmills, vehicles (carriages, trams), outbuildings, craft workshops together with equipment, tools and regional costumes. The museum has a total of about 170 thousand. movable exhibits, most of which are shown only in special circumstances.

The museum touches on many topics that have not been present in Dutch consciousness for a long time. One of them is the history of 12 thousand. residents of Moluków (islands in the Malay Archipelago, which are a Dutch colony), who in the second half Of the 20th century, they fled to the Netherlands. Disappointed with the Dutch reception and lack of interest, they committed many acts of violence.

The Netherlands Open Air Museum exhibitions are well equipped with all multimedia, which means that everyone can move around the museum grounds individually and treat it as a kind of exploration expedition.


Attractions inside

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