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Arnhem is a city known primarily for the great battle of Operation Market Garden in September 1944. Its buildings suffered heavily during the fighting, but today it is a thriving cultural center with many museums and the seat of one of the largest Dutch zoos.

The history of the town begins in the 9th century, when a trading settlement belonging to the Gelderland family was established here. Thanks to her efforts, it gained importance and in the 13th century it received city rights and was admitted to the Hanseatic League. In the Middle Ages, the spatial layout of the city was shaped with several squares and regular buildings. One of them, Korenmarkt is now the center of entertainment life with many bars, cafes and clubs.

Although a large part of the original buildings of Arnhem was destroyed during World War II, the 15th century churches of St. Walburga and St. Eusebius and the Renaissance town hall. Some tenement houses have been rebuilt, others have been replaced with modern ones, referring to the 16th century buildings.

The Historic Arnhem Cellars are an important part of the Old Town. 36 rooms under the center are open to the public, displaying exhibits related to the history of Arnhem. On Saturdays, there is also a small Wine Museum, where you can learn many interesting facts about the production of Rhine wines and taste a noble drink.

The highlight of Arnhem is the Nederlands Openluchtmuseum. It shows life in the provinces in the Netherlands in the 19th and early 20th centuries. In historic houses and windmills, you can see an exhibition of equipment and see the work of craftsmen. On the other hand, in Villa Zypendaal surrounded by a park, you can see what the life of an aristocratic family looked like in the 18th century. The Dutch Water Museum deals with a completely different subject, which shows its importance for the development of the country.

Arnhem is also known for its parks, such as Park Sonsbeek, which has a cow farm in the city center, and the tiny Bartokpark, known for its massive sculpture of the anteater Feestaardvarken. however, the most famous is definitely Burgers' Zoo, which recreates landscapes from different climatic zones from around the world.

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