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#9  Arnhem

Historical cellars Arnhem

Local name: Historische Kelders Arnhem

Historic cellars located under the Dutch city of Arnhem. Together with the guide we can go on an unforgettable trip and get to know the place from completely different sides. Under the surface of shopping streets, there are about 36 ancient cellars, which in 2001 were combined and restored to their former glory, and then made available to visitors.

The cellars are located under the shopping streets of the old town. We can admire, among others, beautiful barrel vaults. The municipality of Arnhem created basement maps, restored them and made them available to visitors in 2001. The entrance to the historic rooms is located at the Oude Oeverstraat - it is worth visiting this place with a guide, because the local Guild has real specialists in the field of guiding around the historic parts of Arnhem.


Attractions inside

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    Oude Oeverstraat 46811 JX Arnhem , Netherlands