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Utrecht is the smallest and most populous province in the Netherlands. Its capital bearing the same name is an industrial and university center with a beautiful Old Town preserved. It also has the largest Dutch castle.

The city of Utrecht is known not only for its Old Town and numerous art museums, but also for one of the most outstanding contemporary buildings in the Netherlands, inscribed on the UNESCO list of the Rietveld House.

The castles are the tourist attractions of the province. The largest of them is Kasteel de Haar, and Weerdesteyn, Groenesteyn, Hindersteyn, Leeuwenburg, Lunenburg, Rhijnestein, Sandenburg, Walenburg, and Zuilenburg are also very well known.

The surroundings of Utrecht, today full of small, traditional villages, were severely damaged during World War II during the Allied liberation of the Netherlands in 1944. You can find many war cemeteries from this period, including those where Polish soldiers rest.

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