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Fort Vechten

Local name: Fort bij Vechten

Fort Vechten is a complex of fortification buildings occupying a star-shaped area, which covers an area of about 23 hectares. The whole complex is surrounded by a wide moat and includes 22 buildings, including former barracks and watchtowers. Fort Vechten is partially accessible to visitors and houses the Dutch Waterline Museum.

Fort Vechten was built in the years 1867-1870 as part of the fortification system known as the New Dutch Water Line. The assumption of this system was the use of natural terrain, rivers and water reservoirs for the construction of fortifications. Fort Vechten never fought. Until the mid-20th century it was used as a storage space. Finally, in 2015, a tourist facility was opened and a museum was created there.

The Museum of the Dutch Waterline allows visitors to familiarize themselves primarily with the history of the entire fortification system in the Netherlands. Exhibitions also include information about the surrounding fauna and flora, as well as about ancient Roman defensive structures that were discovered nearby.


Attractions inside

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