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Pforzheim is a city famous for its jewelry and clock making. It has mainly modern buildings because it was badly damaged by air raids at the end of World War II. In return, it offers tourists many interesting museums.

The city has its roots in Roman times. At that time, there was a military camp and a trading settlement. Its remains can be seen at the Kappelhof archaeological site. It also presents relics of early medieval settlement.

A large part of the historic buildings of Pforzheim was destroyed by the Allied air raids in January 1945. Individual buildings survived and are now mixed with post-war architecture.

The main attractions of Pforzheim are its museums. The Museum of the German Democratic Republic is very important, as it comprehensively presents the history and social issues related to the functioning of a separate, communist state in eastern Germany after World War II.

The exhibitions of two museums, the Jewelery Museum and the Museum of Technology, Jewelery and Watches, tell about the traditional crafts associated with Pforzheim. An interesting place is the Gasometer Pforzheim, a former gas tank that was adapted to the presentation of panoramic photos and images. A family attraction is the small Pforzheim zoo, which is mainly home to animals from all over Europe.

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