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La Rochelle is a port city on the Atlantic, and in the past a maritime fortress and one of the most important French ports. It is known for its fortifications and as a starting point for the Fort Boyard Bay located in the waters of the bay and the island of Ile de Re.

The city was founded in the 10th century and quickly became an important Atlantic port. From the twelfth century, for about 200 years, it was the subject of fierce rivalry between England and France. The English claimed the rights to La Rochelle in connection with the fact that in the mid-12th century the heiress of the city, Eleanor Akwiatańska, married the English king Henry Plantagenet. The final victory of France in the competition for the port came in 1372 after winning the naval battle.

La Rochelle quickly became one of the main French ports. It was fortified and secured against attacks from the sea. However, as early as in the 16th century, the city again became the subject of a dispute. This time, the Huguenots, followers of the doctrine of John Calvin, who, persecuted by the authorities, fought a fight with the king established their main base here. About 100 years after the siege of La Rochelle that lasted more than a year, it surrendered and lost most of its privileges.

Numerous monuments remind us of the city's maritime and military past. The heart is the Old Port, which cuts deep into the buildings. The entrance to it is guarded by two towers, the tower of St. Nicholas and the Chain Tower. A large fragment of the city's fortifications with the Tower de la Lanterne and the Gate of the Great Clock has also been preserved. Inside the walls there is a beautiful Old Town with numerous city palaces and decorative tenement houses.

Another attraction of La Rochelle are the local museums. The most important of these include the Automata Museum, the Maritime Museum, the New World Museum, and the Natural History Museum. The local La Rochelle Aquarium is very popular, and in the city center you can visit a former bunker from World War II.

A tourist complement to the port is the Marina Les Minimes, where boats and yachts are moored. Next to it is the sandy Minimes Beach, a little further away Concurrence Beach and Chef de Bay Beach. An interesting attraction are the inter-island cruises to Fort Boyard and the tiny island of Ile d'Aix.

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