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Fort Boyard

Local name: Fort Boyard

Fort Boyard Naval Fortress is located on the Atlantic coast of France. The nineteenth-century building is located directly in the waters of the Bay of Biscay, and its foundations were located on the sandy bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, of which the bay is part. A game show with the same name is played in the fort.

Construction of Fort Boyard lasted from 1801 to 1859, it began during the reign of Napoleon and was completed under the rule of Louis Philippe. Such a long construction time was caused by difficulties in preparing the foundations falling into the sandy bottom. As a result, the project was suspended for almost 30 years.

The crew of the fort located between the islands of Île d'Oléron and Île-d'Aix was 250 people. It is 61 m long, 31 m wide and 20 m high. His goal was to protect the French coast against attacks from hostile fleets. When he became useless with the development of artillery, he served as a prison. He was then abandoned to eventually become the arena of the Fort Boyard quiz show.


Attractions inside

    Fort Boyard map
    17450 Île-d'Aix , France