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Lednice is a small town in South Moravia. They are known primarily from the neo-Gothic Lednicki Palace, which together with the surrounding gardens rises into the UNESCO-listed Lednice-Valtice Area.

The beginnings of the village date back to the 13th century, and for most of its history, until the confiscation of property in 1945, it belonged to one of the most important Czech noble families, the Liechtenstein. It was they who erected here a palace rebuilt several times, surrounded by a park.

Lednicki Palace owes its present shape to the neo-Gothic reconstruction of the mid-nineteenth century. Tourists are offered representative and private prince's apartments, children's rooms with a preserved collection of toys, as well as wonderful collections of arts and crafts.

From the sixteenth century, the palace was surrounded by constantly enlarged castle gardens. Over time, they covered an area of 200 hectares and were combined into one huge park with the surroundings of the castle in nearby Valtice. The areas farther from the palace were used for hunting, the castle gardens arranged in different styles were closer.

In the gardens you can see, among others orangery, artificial grottoes, Roman aqueduct, temple of Apollo and Moorish minaret. An artificial river flows through it, which can be overcome by boats.

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