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Chateau Mikulov

Local name: Zámek Mikulov

The castle in Mikulov is a beautiful baroque palace built on the Castle Hill (Zamecký vrch). There is a rich exhibition of the Regional Museum in Mikulov, as well as numerous cultural events, including annual harvest.

Visitors to the castle can admire exhibits related to its history and portraits of subsequent owners, archaeological finds from Roman times, everyday objects (mainly furniture and ceramics) from various eras, as well as a wine exhibition on the wine traditions in Moravia, tools used in the production of this drink , as well as the history of wine and winemaking in Europe.

Tourists also have the opportunity to admire the castle's library, which houses over 10,000 books and rich religious collections - robes, wooden sculptures, furniture and a rich collection of old prints. One of the museum's attractions is also the castle garden in Mikulov - one of the largest in the entire Czech Republic.


Attractions inside

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