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Lednice State Palace

Local name: Státní zámek Lednice

The palace in Lednice is a neo-gothic building, whose present form owes its rebuilding from the 19th century. It is the seat of the Liechtenstein family. It is surrounded by a large park, called the Garden of Europe. Guests can explore the area. stylish ducal chambers with rooms for children, palm house and aquarium. The palace was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

In the semi-circular building of the Palm House you can see, among others. A 300-year-old palm, while the Malawi Aquarium, decorated in the palace grounds, has a historic Indonesian boat and whale bones. The staircase is cut from one oak tree.

In the immediate vicinity of the palace was built mosque with minaret, it is the tallest building of this type located outside the land of Muslim countries, can be reached by boat or reach the path leading through the park. A similar route leads to the artificial ruins of the hunting castle Janohrad.


Attractions inside

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    Zámek 1691 44 Lednice , Czechia