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Jan's Castle

Local name: Janův hrad

Jan's castle is a very unusual ruin. It is an artificial ruin, built at the beginning of the 19th century. Despite this, the castle is protected as a cultural monument. It is also open to the public. Due to the old purpose of the building, there are hunting and nature exhibitions here. A remnant of the original equipment is a weapon stand with an owl engraved on it - a symbol of wisdom. It was to encourage hunters to shoot in moderation and reason.

Imitations of castle ruins were very fashionable in romanticism. Jan's castle was built in 1801-1808 by prince Jan I of the Liechtenstein family. The architect was JL Hardtmuth (inventor of the pencil!), Who in order to create a realistic imitation drew attention to every detail. During the hunting season, the castle served as a hunting lodge. The largest deer hunted nearby weighed as much as 350 kilograms, and its antlers are part of the hunting and ornithological exhibition.


Attractions inside

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    Janův hrad 348691 45 Podivín , Czechia