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Castle Veveří

Local name: Hrad Veveří

Veveri Castle is one of the largest Moravian castle complexes. Two routes are available for tourists. As part of the first one you can visit the representative rooms on the first floor of the palace, the tower and the observation deck. The second also allows you to see selected external parts and characteristic castle roofs and ceilings. In the lobby you can also admire the painted coats of arms of the owners of Veveri Castle and the exhibition of replicas of weapons from the Thirty Years' War.

The fortress was probably built at the turn of the 12th and 13th centuries as a hunting castle for one of the Moravian margraves. The first mention of it comes from 1213. The building changed owners for years - it belonged to the Zinzendorfů family the longest, which rebuilt the castle in a palace style. The last private owner was Baron De Forest (until 1925).


Attractions inside

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