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Ragusa is a historic, Sicilian city that boasts perfectly preserved baroque buildings. The local churches, tenement houses and palaces have been entered on the UNESCO list.

The origins of Ragusa are lost in antiquity. From the turn of the 4th and 3rd century BC, a port and a commercial center developed here. During the Middle Ages and the Norman rule, the city was of great importance on the southern coast of Sicily. The period of regular development was interrupted by the earthquake in 1693. It razed all the previous buildings to the ground and made it necessary to build a completely new town.

The inhabitants of Ragusa shared their views on what the rebuilt city should look like, and as a result, two centers were built on the site of the previous one and on the Patro hill. It was only reunited into one city in the interwar period.

The historic, baroque center has been entered on the UNESCO list. Among the greatest historical attractions of Ragusa are the Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista, the Cathedral of San Giorgio with one of the few remaining Gothic relics, the portal of San Giorgio, the Church of Purgatory, the Church of San Giuseppe and numerous ornate houses and palaces. An interesting monument is the neo-Gothic Donnafugata Castle, which stands on the site of an Arab fortress and a Norman stronghold.

There are also many places to relax in the city. There is a nice beach here in marina di Rausa and a popular place for walks is the 19th century Ibleo Garden surrounding the Ibleo Museum. From the local tourist port, you can go on a cruise or moor your yacht or boat here.

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