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Bosnia and Herzegovina is a very diverse country that impresses with both magnificent landscapes and original monuments. You can also relax on the Adriatic in the resort of Neum.

The long and turbulent history of the Balkans has left its mark on Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are monuments of Western culture, Orthodox churches, as well as mosques and cities built by the Turks. Here and there, although every year in fewer and fewer places, there are also traces of the last bloody war in the Balkans of the 1990s.

The capital of the country, Sarajevo is a city where next to the church you can see a few interesting mosques, a city hall built in the Neo-Moorish style, as well as a lively blacksmith with shops and bars resembling the alleys of Middle Eastern cities. The city suffered greatly as a result of the siege lasting from 1992 to 1996. Today, it is reminded of numerous monuments, cemeteries and the airport tunnel functioning as a museum, to which help was delivered to the besieged city.

South of the country, where the most visited city of the country, Mostar, is located, is very attractive. Rebuilt after the fire of the Balkan war, it delights with its stone old town with mosques and Turkish houses, and a UNESCO-listed stone bridge from the 15th century.

In the vicinity of Mostar there are eager tourists visited in Blagaj on the Buny Plateau, the historic city of Pocitelj or the UNESCO-listed necropolis in Radimlja. It is also close to the only Bosnian seaside resort of Neum and the famous Kravica waterfalls, which, apart from the landscape, fulfill the function of a popular beach resort. Medjugorje, located in the same area, is one of the most important European pilgrimage sites and a well-known Marian shrine.

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