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Tuzla is one of the largest cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is also one of the oldest salt extraction centers in Europe. Its attraction is the artificial, salty Pannonian Lake, while in the center preserved nineteenth-century buildings with mosques and several churches.

The city was founded in the Middle Ages, but traces of settlement date back to the Neolithic period. From that time there are testimonies about the acquisition of salt in the vicinity of Tuzla. Also in medieval and modern times, salt was one of the most important sources of wealth for the inhabitants. To this day, the main square of the city is called the Salt Square.

It is surrounded by multi-storey, colorful tenement houses mainly from the 19th century. Among them you can also see mosques, the Bazarowy one from the 19th century and the Turalibeg from the 16th century and several churches, mainly from the 19th and 20th century.

In the suburbs of Tuzla there is the salt Lake Panano, which is a popular place for rest and recreation. Currently, two smaller reservoirs connected by cascades have been built next to it. There are water attractions, bars and a beach.

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