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Ilidža is a city and resort neighboring Sarajevo. In addition to holiday homes and thermal pools, its biggest attraction is the extensive park at the foot of the Igman massif, where the Bosna River originates.

The city is picturesquely located surrounded by mountains and forests. Warm sulfur springs here, which were already known in Roman times. Unfortunately, no remains of the buildings of the time have survived, and the so-called Roman Bridge dates back to the 16th century and owes its name to the stone used in the construction of old Roman buildings.

Today's Ilidža has its origins in Turkish times and its name means "warm springs". It developed strongly during the Austro-Hungarian rule. Many villas, holiday homes and a train station come from this time. Today, the largest recreational complex in the city is the Thermal Rivijera located at the Hotel Hills. In addition, there are several outdoor pools in the summer.

The most important attraction of Ilidža is the Vrelo Bosne park. It covers the source area of the Bosna River with numerous streams, ponds and springs. There are walking paths, bridges and alleys planted with decorative trees. From the center of the resort to Vrelo Bosne there is a Great Alley planted with chestnut trees along with representative villas from the Austro-Hungarian times.

Above the park are the slopes of the Igman massif, whose height slightly exceeds 1500 m above sea level. It is a popular place for hiking and cross-country skiing in winter.

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