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SARAJEVOBosnia and Herzegovina

Eternal Fire

Local name: Vječna vatra

The monument is dedicated to the memory of civilian victims and soldiers killed in Sarajevo during the Second World War. It was designed by architect Juraj Neidhardt. It was unveiled on April 6, 1946, on the first anniversary of Sarajevo's liberation from German occupation. It is located in the center of the promenade, at the intersection of Mula Mustafa Bašeskije, Titova and Ferhadija streets.

The monument consists of a plaque with an inscription in the colors of the flag of the former Yugoslavia - blue, white and red. In front of it there is an open, copper fireplace in the shape of a laurel wreath. The fire burns in it constantly, symbolizing the eternal memory of the dead. It was only extinguished during the 1992-1996 siege of Sarajevo. It was decided that the fuel necessary to keep the fire going will be needed by the inhabitants of the city.


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    Ferhadija 71000 Sarajevo , Bosnia and Herzegovina