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Located on the Neretva, the city has retained its layout from the time of Turkish rule with extensive witchcraft, numerous mosques, former Turkish houses and the most important monument, entered on the UNESCO list by the Old Bridge.

The city was founded when crossing Neretva during the Turkish rule. Initially there was a wooden bridge here, which in the 15th century was replaced by a stone, single-span structure with a curved, arched shape. The current bridge is a reconstruction, resulting from the damage it suffered during the Balkan war at the end of the 20th century.

In the tower at the end of the bridge there is a small information center where you can see a movie about the siege of Mostar and the destruction that the city suffered at that time. In turn, on the bridge you can often meet young men who, for a fee, make jumps to Neretva.

On both sides of the river extends the former czarshija or shopping district. Today, there are many souvenir shops, restaurants and bars serving traditional Balkan cuisine. Among the stone buildings stand out minarets of several mosques that can be visited.

Thanks to international assistance, after the war in the Balkans, it was possible to raise Mostar from the fall, as well as recreate the appearance of several traditional houses from the Turkish rule period. Their interiors are now available in the form of museums. However, outside the center you can still see buildings with bullet marks, destroyed and abandoned as a result of the war.

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  • Old Bridge
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    Old Bridge

  • Harbor Bridge
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    Harbor Bridge

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